Danish Chocolate

Recommended by a Danish staff at the Copenhagen airport.
The story. I was just back from Malmö, Sweden to Copenhagen airport in Denmark.
Bill: I want a Swedish... ar... Danish chocolate *looking at the chocolate box in front of me that looks like Belgium chocolate*
Staff: *Smile*
Bill: I want those with the funny "O" on the box (referring to the Ø letter in Danish), and not the funny O with 2 dots (referring to the Ö letter in Swedish). What about that one? *point*
Staff:  *smile+nob* Yes. It has a funny O. Except it's Norwegian. Here, this one is good.
Bill: Is it Danish? *looking at the chocolate box above*
Staff: It's Danish and it's good.
Bill: But there's no funny O on the box.
Staff: It's good. *smile*
Bill: But...
Staff: It's good.


  1. oh.. it's good..
    reminds me of a funny incident in cosmetic/face care shop
    Me: i want to buy korean herb eye cream
    salesgirl (frm china speaking in mandarin): this is good for you
    Me: but it is anti-aging cream.. no im from a warm climate.. need the one that is less creamy and more hydration
    salesgirl: it's the best selling around here for tourist frm Japan.
    Me: i'm from Malaysia.. warm climate.. also i dont need anti-aging i need hydration---
    salesgirl: trust me it's good
    Me: err..
    I bought the eye cream for my mom

  2. interesting =] (despite only seeing this comment after a year...)