Yutaka playing monster hunter

With chips + vinegar + salt on his lap.


Exercising my Right as a British National

By registering to vote. Funny I can vote but I can't work here in UK
without a visa.

What?! My Strawberries died?!

I definitely worked on my farm yesterday at farmville (facebook). And today I came back and they all died, caused me tons of money. Am I supposed to work on the farm twice a day? Who has that time, come on. It's more difficult than I expected.
Update: I figured out for strawberry, the harvest time is 4 hours...


A dish called Soho Special

Lunch with 5 others at the American restaurant called Bodean's, in
central London.

3D Art and Music Album

This has fish eye type 3D arts and the music CD from the band "Tool". Published by Sony Music. Shown to me by Kev (Appreciate!).


Young Oriental Girl 1st Floor

Walked passed this sign in Chinatown on my way home with my friend. We went up and asked what was on offer. A girl at the door said, 10 minutes for 25 pounds. There was only one girl inside, she said. "She's busy now. Come back later." We just left. XD

Souvenirs from London

Going to Hong Kong and Japan for 3 weeks during Chinese New Year. Here are some souvenirs bought today for friends.

Aaron Mac's back hand

Why there's Chinese on Aaron's back hand? May wrote it. Picture taken this Monday. It said "Happy Birthday" in Traditional Chinese.

I Love London?

An advertisement of "I Love London" from the Post Office on Oxford street today (the shopping street of London). Is this how you advertise "I Love London"? Why not having an attractive model? Why no red phone booth?


Apple iPad annouced

Watching the live Apple Event now. [Pic from gdgt.com]

Nice Round Corners with CSS

Nice HTML aesthetic. Done in CSS, so no extra load.
This works with Firefox and Chrome, but not yet for IE 8.

Lego Rock Band and MAG

Games to get myself rocking before Chinese New Year. The left is for my new guitar, and the right is a first person shooter that does 256 online players. Both free from the library.

Birthday Presents 2010

Thanks Keigo for the cakes, Arlene for the candies, and Rie for the
wine (and all the beer buyers too). Thanks to the 20 friends who came
to my party, and my nice flatmates who prepared the food. Again,
seeing you guys' faces at my birthday is the best gift ever. That's
something money can't buy. I hope to see all of you next year too. =D


Sébastien's (with a é) New Girlfriend

No question on her nationality or the language she speaks.

A New Language called Chinese (Hong Kong)?

In addition to Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified), there's a new language called Chinese (Hong Kong). And I wonder what that could be. =/

Cute little car seen near my place

What do you call this type of car? Mini-van? Super mini blue van?


Birthday Lunch at Hung's Restaurant

My colleagues and I went to Chinatown in London for a lunch at Hung's Restaurant. There were 6 of us, and thanks everyone for coming.


Astro Boy is showing in London

A scene at Piccadilly Circus, London today. Astro Boy will be showing here starting February 2010.

Pizza Hut at London SOHO

Large pizza (8 slices with stuffed crust) with salad plus 2 soft drinks (free refills), 24.48 pound altogether. 2 slices left at the end of the meal for 2 people. The place was out of apple juice today, and the 7-up tasted weird.


I thought I really wanted to see the model poses

But getting the bones and animation into a .x file means this mess. What's happening? =_=


Mr. Humbug

A sweet shop that says "suck it and see", saw this at the London Waterloo station today. Hmm... reminded me to watch the Christmas Carol.

Got this Christmas Gift for 2010

This is the best Hung gift I received ever since the "Well Hung" t-
shirt, thanks Kev.