Segway Owner Running off the Cliff

This is the saddest news about Segway.
The news went on and said this guy, Jimi Heselden, actually grew up in Leeds in UK. And Segway is ironically illegal in Britain except in private property. He donated 10 million pound to charity a week ago before he died.
It's interesting that he has to make Segway big in the US instead of UK. I remember seeing police riding a Segway up the steep Berkeley slope back in College.

London BT Tower Open since 1981

This news from Sep 15, 2010 saying the BT Tower is opening that weekend, which is the first time since 1981. News from Metro or Evening Standard in London.

The Moon Festival 2010

It was the moon festival 2010 on Sep 22nd. I bought a boxes of moon cakes. Both from the Mei-Xin brand, which seems to be the most popular brand in Hong Kong

Foster, Good Call

I was having a drink at a pub one night. My friend didn't know about Foster when I ordered Foster. I explained it's a thin beer.
Then I saw this ads on a phone booth the next day.

Getty Image Gallery - Love from London

There's a Getty Image Gallery which have ads like this all over tube stations. Featuring stars like Audrey Hepburn with pictures taken in London (not the girl in this picture). The show seems to run until October 7th. See here: http://www.gettyimagesgallery.com/

9 and 3/4 Platform

My friend came visit London, and I only got to meet him for a brief 5 minutes. After seeing him off, I went to visit 9 and 3/4 platform for the very first time. I read all the Harry Potter books and lived in London for one and a half year, before I actually visit 9and 3/4 platform at King's Cross Station on 30th August, 2010.

EpicWin on Game Magazine

Stumbled upon this iPhone app made by my friend Tak Fung. (He's the guy sitting at the left in my birthday party video). The magazine was either Edge, Develop, or Game (maybe MCV).
This game makes daily chore a RPG. You level up by completing things you have to do anyway.
By turning your life into RPG game, you can have thousands of hours of gameplay!
Check it out at: http://www.epicwinapp.com/

Desperate for a Degree? Better head for China

Finally get my photo stuff setup again.
This is a news from August 20th, 2010. It was some sort of public exam result day, and this was on the free newspaper called Metro in London.


Central London according to Google China Map

The "translated" Chinese names become so difficult even I have trouble pronouncing the names, LOL.


Farmville Today

4 million farmville coin. Probably the highest I will ever get.


TV with subtitle in France

Second day in France, getting French TV with subtitle works already. And while I am typing this, WIFI and internet works too. We are probably one of the first ones to get internet, because everyone else seems to need to wait at least 2 weeks.

An almost 50 euro WinTV Mini stick from Hauppauge gets me 4 channels out of the 18 possible channels. =D