Star Wars BB-8 robot

I tried the Star Wars BB-8 robot at Apple store. It rolls around and shows holographic video message in Augmented Reality.


Price jump on ASUS laptop

I bought this laptop 2 days ago for £600, now the laptop is £729.97...


Chromcast audio

Cast music from Android phone. £30


Facebook Safety Check feature

People can mark they are safe on Facebook when crisis happens.


meebo, the one messenger to chat them all, is gone

sad day... why... G+.... why

iTunes Blur

Even Itunes is featuring the Hong Kong inspired Blur album today


Face Scan

At the Whole Food shop at Piccadilly, London. Free face scan


Intel buys Altera for $17 billion

When I joined Xilinx, never had thought the FPGA competitor Altera is worth $17 billion


Free EE battery power bar

If you are a EE customer. Text POWER to 365, the text costs 35p.


British Blood Pressure Monitor

Designed in London. Kinetik blood pressure monitor that measures from your wrist. It saves the last 60 readings, and is smaller than the Omron ones. Only £18 from ASDA. Gotta support British medical innovations.