4 Treasures of Chinese Calligraphy

What my wife got me from China. The 4 treasures of Chinese calligraphy 文房四寶: the Chinese brush, the ink stick, the ink slab, and the paper 紙筆墨硯


Aakash 2

26 quid. I am intrigued. On Metro newspaper today


t-mobile censorship

on my mobile 3G for opening a twitter link


eBay.co.uk ban because of Paris laws

I couldn't even see the item... then why there was a link for me to click to this page...?


Samsung Galaxy S3 Hands-on

The eye tracking of whether u closed your eyes don't really work. Face tracking only work for rear camera. No "unlock with face" feature in the demo unit. The Game Hub is "coming soon". Tested today at PC World

Samsung Smart TV Series 8

Active 3D TV with gesture recognition. brower, voice control, mic and touch pad in the remote. failed to load youtube video on browser. Made my shoulder hurt for the cursor gesture, I prefer the LG (wiimote-style) magic remote more

Samsung Navibot Vacuum Cleaner

with a camera on top to map out the layout of your home. sense obstacle in front to avoid hitting it. Better that my roomba, twice the price at around 400 pound

Sony Tablet P Hands-on

Today at PC World

LG Smart 3D TV

trying out the LG smart passive 3D tv again. brower is now there, still waiting for Skype, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix. No camera, 1800+ pound. YouTube 3D video worked great when we tested with the in-store Wifi, by search for yt3d on YouTube. Come with 7 polarised 3D glasses, wide viewing angles