Rilakkuma Boogie Board

My first @BoogieBoard with #Rilakkuma
Love the LCD display (USA made), which is pressure sensitive. Other parts are China-made. Office in the UK by a company called King Kim. Patent filed, with big or small sizes.


New ICQ is better than Snapchat

Basically the new ICQ has all the features of Snapchat and more. Plus it uses your phone number as well as the traditional ICQ number.


Huawei P9 dual camera phone

The dual 12MP Huawei P9 looks very good with Leica lens. Unlike iPhone with telescopic focal length, or LG with wide-angle selfie. Huawei opted for one camera doing monochrone pictures.


News on Facebook Live

Now I can watch #Brexit #EUref news with Facebook live. So many people expressed their emotions.


Lyft, the Uber alternative

Takes android pay, paypal, and credit card. You get 50 dollars coupon to be used over 10 times


Amazon Echo

at the amazon store in San Francisco. I got to try the Amazon Echo and the voice purchasing for the first time. The price was almost US$200

Microsoft Band 2

the time looks a bit side way on my hand, US $174.99