London Olympics App

Very useful and let you follow favourite athletes and country. Comes with PUSH notifications

Oxford Dictionary App

Now has social feature, and was highly rated


How I Watch the Olympics

Watching 4 Olympics channels at the same time while recording 1 and playing the ps3 Olympics game. Excited! =D


McDonald's Olympics Glasses

from having a big size meal in London

Mirai Clock on iOS

Danny Choo's clock. The next version Mirai will talk according to the release note. 2D character with 3d perspective

Google Olympics Tally

Today is the time the London Olympics 2012 begins. Google has tally on their site on the right. Even come with a link to BBC to watch the event live.

3DS XL Hands-on

it's huge, but doesn't make the 3D better


China Adverts in London

lots of China related adverts popping up in London underground stations and on buses. This one was from 伊利, all versions of 伊利 bus advert say "We come from China". And this particular one in the pic has some Chinese written on the runner guy's chest

Google Plus Hangouts

Worked well with iPad 3, Google Nexus Tablet, and PC with PS3 Eye camera. Screen-share worked, google docs share worked, watch-and-pause-a-youtube worked. Awesome.

Google Nexus Tablet hands on

very nice, I am gonna buy one


China's Siri Xiaoi Bot

They are suing Apple for patent infringement


How I Watch TV

3 Channels at once while recording 1 channel


GoPano 360 Video App

It beats bubblescope to market, I like the software better than the bloggie. Comes with iOS app, priceless. UK people can see testing by the Gadget Show World Tour episode 2 on YouTube

UK IP Block

tested today

Chrome on iOS 5 HTML5 Score


Google Chrome on iOS

Just released