Shopping at Langham Place Hong Kong

My final evening in Hong Kong was spent shopping at Langham Place. Langham Place is a 12-storey shopping mall and office complex. It has a big H&M at the ground floor. Inside, you can find long escalators that take you all the way up to the 12th floor, and u can spend your time gradually walking your way down.


Barefoot Day in Hong Kong

There's No Pants Day in New York.
For Hong Kong, there's Barefoot Day.
I think I prefer No Pants Day.


Traditional Chinese Keyboard

Visiting the two places - Hong Kong and Taiwan - where Traditional Chinese is still used. They have QWERTY keyboards like this.

Farmville. Done.

I started playing farmville 7 months ago in Hong Kong, and I ironically finished the game in Hong Kong today. When I am staying only one night here.
Level 70 was the original farmville final stage. Over these 7 months, I gained 10 levels per month. That's one level every 3 days. This journey was a test of my ability to pursuit my goals. Over the course of 7 months, I set many goals. From testing the limit of my patience, to testing the limit of my boredom tolerance, to learning how to co-op with people, and to buying the expensive 600k Estate home. The most important test I passed was the test of not giving up. Done. And "Done is the engine of more." (Cult of Done)


Meeting Cath Kidston

My friends Rie and Rinko, getting signatures from Cath Kidston

Top 10 Fashion Moments

Top 10 fashion moments voted by 2 or 3 thousand people. Done by UK Cancer Research

Cath Kidston

Met the Cath Kidston, the fashion designer for clothes, bags, and household items. She's pretty famous in Japan according to multiple Japanese friends

Minisquadron on Android

Trying out my friend Tak Fung's android port of his iphone game minisquadron. Those black finger nails belong to Kevin.

PS3 Laser Drive

Trying to replace my PS3 failing laser drive with this 50 pound replacement ordered online

Wok to Walk

First time trying this Chinese fast food shop Wok to Walk. Around 5 pound near London Chinatown

Cute phone from Cellphone Warehouse

Super cute phone that belongs to my friend Miyo


BillHung.Net is Down

BillHung.Net is down. And I told the Internet it's pointing to the wrong nameserver. The Internet hasn't responded yet. Luckily blog.billhung.net is still up.
Update: 2010-10-12 4:43AM. Oh, the Internet responded! It's now pointing to the correct place. Everythings works now. =]


Hyper Japan After Thoughts

Hyper Japan was quite a bit smaller than MCM Expo, but not that small. Hopefully video will be up soon.
For your information, my t-shirt is the outfit of Ryu in the game Street Fighter.
Don't know what the character behind me is called. =X

Hyper Japan Today

Going to Hyper Japan Today with my Ryu costume. My iPhone's wearing that too.