New cooking gadgets

2.99 pound for the timer and 9.99 pound for the scale. From Morrison.

Moules + Fries + Vanilla Cake 4.60 pound

Canteen food today

ZhongWen.com Chinese Chat

Discovered this ZhongWen.com with Chinese PinYin + Chinese Character Chat.
A great additional to http://xuezhongwen.net/chindict/chindict.php
xuezhongwen.net is a great place to practice typing PinYin with. xuezhongwen.net let you type Chinese through a browser on an English-only OS)
On PC, I personally recommend the PinYin IME from Google.

My First PS3 Video Edit

Check out the video at youtube.com/billhung


Skype on 3G on iPhone

So Skype on 3G on iPhone is only free until the end of this year.

Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaves

For dinner last night



Bill Hung's first encounter with guitar

I could barely make some sound...

Green AAA batteries

I am recycling the many AAA batteries I have and in favor of
rechargerable ones. The top one was 800mAh AAA battery from maplin


Bill Hung and the first encounter with iPad

And I like it -Bill. By the way, the guy shown on the iPad is Bill Hung.


Runtime Error at London Bond Street Station

The dialog box says, Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime
Error in London Bond Street station today.


Youku 3G Mobile App

My quest to share video with people in China led me to this. Youku is
the most popular video site in China, #20 most popular site in the
world according to the ranking from google. Youku support tons of
phones, including iPhone (and PC of course). Unlike YouTube, most
videos from Youku can be downloaded. There's also a PC application
from Youku called iku. iku does encoding, uploading and downloading on
PC, support export to iPhone and PSP. Here's a screenshot of the flip-
album view of the Youku App, a free app from App Store called "Youku".


Google Background Image

Click the left bottom link "Custom Background Image" to use a 1280 pixel wide image as the google background. This is without the iGoogle.
The one I have is Yui from K-ON

PSP Podcast RSS

Following the link for PSP RSS podcast led me to the podcast from Ogura Yuko! Now checking out the podcast from the iPhone

Some England Fans

It's the world cup 2010

Testing Youtube Webm Video on HTML5 Player

Hmm... looks pretty good.


PSP RSS Channel

Trying the PSP RSS Channel for the first time. Currently Europe has
only one channel and it's a video RSS called Crackle.


Subway App

This app is available to hundred of phones. Link to your subcard
number. One less card to carry around.


QR Code

The world had changed. QR code used to only exist in Japan, on the magazine and TV commercials. Now QR code is on my Subway card and on Google Code. Orz

Video Site NOT blocked in China wanted

I want to share videos with tons of my friends in China. What video site is not blocked in China (and offer fast speed worldwide)?

The just-ping.com result just failed YouTube.
What? Youku优酷? Dailymotion? Niconico Dougaニコニコ動画?

China is the country that has the most internet users in the world. This is one big problem.


Clothes Show London

June 25-27, 2010. Earl Court London


Cathay Pacific Advertisement

In a London Tube station

We want clean air

1956 picture from Museum of London. We want clean air in Hong Kong as
well. The same dream that made Honda so great many years ago, the
dream to give clean blue sky to our kids.

Farmville on iPhone!

From Apple Keynotes talking about iPad, iPhone 4G, and Farmville on