Angry Bird Smart TV version

Playing the special build of Angry Bird for Smart TV at PC World today. The gesture feature is available to Series 7 and 8 of Samsung Smart TVs

Lenovo Yoga Convertible Laptop Hands-on

11.6-inch. 13 hours of battery life is cool. But 2GB RAM and 64GB SSD harf drive probably won't be enough. Not exactly tablet lightness, feels like an ultrabook weight. £699.99 EDIT: 1.3kg according to online source

Wii U headset at PC World

spotted today, £16.99. Mic is in the cable attachment thing with the volume and mute buttons


Sony Ericsson T630 spotted!

This phone is very similar to my first phone Sony Ericsson T616 (T610 in the US). When I brought my T616 to Japan, I was surprised Japan has never seen such petite camera phone. At 95 gram, it's not even 100 gram. And it's the popular camera phone when there were very few camera phones. EDIT: bought it!


IMDb LoveFilm Instant List

discovered this IMDb.com feature today. Shortlist of my watchlist for movies available on LoveFilm





Keep London Tube Wifi for Free

if you are a EE, t-mobile, Orange, or Virgin customer


Book of Spells from Hogwarts Library

Christmas company game allocation, with LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and LittleBigPlanet Karting


Bandai Bear Arrived

Thanks James for the Christmas gift! Love it. He's gonna be called the Handai Bear after my name ハン


Kowloon's not a Slum

For the record, Kowloon's not a slum (pic from the EDGE magazine)


British Gas Wireless Power Monitor

shows watt and temperature. Uses much smaller batteries than the e.on one


Fail iPad Advert at Sainsbury's

Advert poster of the older iPad with 5MP camera and older 30-pin connecter. Displayed with actual demo of the newer lightning connector "iPad with Retina Display" at a Sainsbury in London, in the mid of Christmas season 2012

Angry Bird Speaker

now at Sainsbury's for £12.49