Royal Wedding Celebration

Near the cucumber building in London


AStylophone the App

Free Android Stylophone App called AStylophone. Ads supported. Was planning to buy another piano and maybe a stylophone. Then came across this app.
This is brilliant. And with extra feature like recording your key press. Useful utility when working on a tune on the go.
iOS version also available, called iStylophone.


Youku Now Comes with TVB

New addition to Youku is TVB shows. TVB is the most popular TV channel in Hong Kong.
But unfortunately, the videos are only viewable in mainland China. I got an error saying "Sorry, this video can only be streamed within Mainland China" if I click the links.
Other Youku videos are fairly slow if watch from UK. So slow it's quite unwatchable.


The World's First 3D Porn IMAX Movie Broke Avatar Record

3D Sex and Zen:Extreme Ecstasy is a story reimaginated from the original ancient Chinese classic 玉蒲團. The director Sun Lap Key made a movie 19 years ago based on the same ancient Chinese story.


The Royal Wedding Oyster Card

Just got it!
Oyster card is a contactless top-up-based travel card for the London Underground.
The royal wedding is on April 29th, 2011 for Prince William and Kate Middleton. The occasion makes a public holiday in UK.


Coca Cola 125 Years

with black and white swimsuit girl


Chinese Medicine in UK

Chinese medicine in UK will have to be licensed. But the lack of Chinese doctor licensing system means people have to get some Chinese medicine through their general practitioner. Chinese medicine in London is usually twice as expensive as in Hong Kong, and this is likely to make it more so



If I mouseover the girl, she will move. =D
The whole site is themed with sailor-clothed girls and you sign-up to this "AMD APU" school by applying for school admission. 
The "Lv1 Lv2 Lv3" in the middle suggested the higher the level I get, the character clothings will change accordingly.


Philadelphia Cheese

My first Philadelphia cheese, from Kraft via Rob

Schwarzenegger on London Bike

Arnold Schwarzenegger's on Barclay Cycle Hire, also called Boris Bike, in London.
When Arnold is done being governor of California, he shares ride with London Mayor Boris Johnson. Arnold was the one who signed my college diploma from University of California - Berkeley.