Firework in Shanghai

Crazy amount of firework in Shanghai tonight.

Countries flags on the Shanghai Expo Giant Screen

Country flags of various countries displayed on the Shanghai World
Expo giant screen as well as on the floating boats.

Giant screen at Shanghai World Expo 2010

Another super huge display

Girl's Generation 소녀시대

소녀시대, sounds like So Nyeo Si Dae. The pronunciation sounds very much like 少女時代 or the Girl's Generation in Chinese.

Monster Hunter 3 Encyclopedia

Check out what I got! It's the Monster Hunter 3 Encyclopedia, 35 yuan
from Shenzhen.

Harvest Time

The same farm I saw during Chinese New Year has been harvested. Time
really flies. If this is farmville, I will earn 1XP just by plowing
the fallow land.


QQ's Solution to PayPal

Tenpay is the payment system for QQ. You can use the money in Tenpay just like the way you use money in PayPal. You can purchase auction items at PaiPai (equivalent of eBay) and buy QQ coins for many online games including MMO games.

QQ Live

QQ's solution to streaming video, similar to PPS. Here I was able to watch "The Queen".

Coach Ticket from Guangzhou to Danshui

Cost 70 yuan and 2 hour 45 minutes from Guangzhou to Danshui, China.
The Tin He coach bus building in Guangzhou was big and nice with lots
of people.

What time is it?

Heineken time

Guangzhou Food TV Show set

The Guangzhou version of 蘇Good


Speed Test via China's 3G Network

The first picture with 540kbps/440kbps Down/Up speed was using the 3G network from Guangzhou via the USB dongle.
The second picture with 490kbps/510kbps Down/Up speed was using the 3G network from Guangzhou via the USB dongle and the Freegate. Note the IP indicate the location shown was in the US.


Experiencing Freegate, the software decided to surpass the Great Firewall of China. Freegate uses a Peer-to-Peer proxy system that gives significant better performance than traditional proxy server.

My Chinese Name on a Tissue Box

First time to see my Chinese name printed as a brand name on a tissue

Guangzhou Starbucks WIFI Speed Test

777kbps down, 422kbps up. Extremely high ping

Starbucks in Guangzhou

Starbucks Guangzhou offers free, unencrypted Wifi, and the speed was

Rush Hour in Guangzhou

Guang Zhou Metro is very nice looking. Rush hour is extremely packed. Although there's no many people in the picture, there are actually a lot behind me.
Be prepared to be pushed. The door closed very hard on me even when
people were still getting off.

Guangzhou Metro

Guangzhou Metro will connects to Shen Zhen and Dan Shui in a few years.

A Chinese Clock

Time, date, temperature, day-of-the-week, alarm, and how many days to
the closest lunar calendar event. There are 24 lunar events that are
related to the weather. These 24 days are more important to rural
farming families.

My Uncle, an Honored War Time General


Huawei DSL box

Spotted this IPTV setup at my aunt's place. Using a Huawei DSL box.
Huawei, the Cisco in China.

Guangzhou McDonald's Wifi

Free for 30 minutes, but the connection was very unstable (just like
the McDonald's in London).

Guangzhou Shopping Mall

Along the walk-and-shop street in Guangzhou, I saw this mall with
McDonald's, DHC, and UNIQLO.

Asia Sport Event in November 2010

Guangzhou is going to host an Asia sport event in November 2010. Many
construction and hygiene works are going on around the city.

School Uniform in Guangzhou, China

Many people on the street of Guangzhou wear school uniform like this.

China Mobile in China

Crossing the border to China, the carrier immediately changed to China
Mobile, displayed in Chinese Characters.

Western Toast at a Hong Kong Cafe

This is called Sai-duo-sih, 西多士, or literally "Western Toast".
The best thing since sliced bread. This is a classic Hong Kong cafe
dish with sliced bread, honey, butter, and some thin layer of tasty
fried stuff (the golden color).


My UK Visa on my UK Passport at the UK Embassy in Hong Kong

My UK Visa on my UK Passport at the UK Embassy in Hong Kong
That's right. I will be back. [2010-04-27 Bill Hung Hong Kong]

Hong Kong Internet Plan

Hong Kong has the third fastest Internet in the world ( after Japan
and South Korea). A common optical fiber plan of 100Mbps cost HK$99.
There is also an IPTV service called now.com.hk. My internet package
is HK$208 with 33 channels from now.com.hk (with PC and cellphone TV
catch-up service, and it works with the PS3). Free Wifi access on all PCCW's 6000 hotspots (in
all MTR stations, phone booths, and major malls). 5-days-free 3G data
access via USB dongle, additional days for HK$10 per day.

Google Buzz Map on iPhone 3GS

The first time to use the Buzz Map on the iPhone 3GS through the
Safari browser. This is pretty cool.


Video Test


Where are the Linksys routers?

I couldn't believe Linksys routers almost disappeared completely from
the Hong Kong gadget malls. Many shops simply don't carry any Linksys
routers. The market was filled with cheaper routers such as TP-Link,
D-Link, and Level One. A palm-sized TP-Link wireless router with 4 LAN ports was HK$118. I had to order a Linksys router "off the menu"

Moe Style Pearl Milk Tea

Taiwanese+Japanese Pearl Milk Tea shop near the gadget malls in
Kowloon, Hong Kong. HK$10 and it tasted alright. All menu comes with proper Chinese and Japanese names.


TV filming

Stumbled upon the making of a Hong Kong drama. There's a lot of this
around this area.


iPad smuggling case 2010-04-22

iPad hasn't been officially released in Hong Kong yet, but this
imported versions are here in Hong Kong for 30-40% more than the apple
price. And people are smuggling the iPad to China too.


Near the old Hong Kong airport

My friend in Japan was talking about the old Hong Kong airport. This
合成糖水 dessert cafe is actually located near the old Hong Kong
airport in Kowloon. Since the airport moved to its new location, tall
buildings had sprung up around here. Tall buildings were not allowed
in this area before that, and this place used to be the centre of the
Hong Kong triad and the most densely populated place on earth.

Traditional Dessert Cafe

This is the cafe featured in the article my friend posted earlier.
This is one of the few traditional dessert cafe in Hong Kong. Visited
the cafe today and ordered this Red Bean and Sesame
Mochi dessert for HK$23. Address: 香港九龍城龍崗道


Farmville Today

Almost level 34 already, currently the highest score among my friends. Time really flies. I remember I didn't start this in UK. Still upholding the "HI" theme.
What's waiting for me tomorrow? Oh, yeah, the exam. *pray*


Monster Hunter Frontier News

MHF event for Hong Kong and Macau, tons of folks attended.

Tempo Tissue

This is what the mini version of tempo tissue looks like. As seen on a
poster in a MTR today.

Crayon Shin-chan and Hong Kong MTR

MTR is the subway in Hong Kong. And this picture answers the question
whether Crayon Shin-chan is popular in Hong Kong.

Tissue Temba

I think this is a fake version of the Tempo tissue...


Pearl Milk Tea

This Taiwanese pearl milk tea shop in Mongkok, Hong Kong is good. A big pearl milk tea cup is only HK$10. Bill recommends this.


Nico Video Live Webcast Polling System

This is the poll system I talked about. In Nico video, the host can ask everyone a question and we choose one answer on the screen.
In this particular session, we were asked to pick which cosplay outfit the host should wear.=]

Farmville Co-op farming

This is what happened to the new co-op farming in farmville. We were missing 26 grapes out of the 1275 required grapes. 悔しい! Orz


Souvenir Shin Cup

Bought this Shin Cup coin purse as souvenir today.


Food Court in Kowloon Hong Kong

This week, the metropolis mall in Hung Hom, Hong Kong was selling the
Festival City luxury buildings located in Tai Wai, Hong Kong - the
place I grew up in. The price is around HK$7k per foot from 900 to
almost 1300 feet.