First UK University to Purge Foreign Student

In attempt to purge bogus foreign students, London Metropolitan University is the first University to lose right to sponsor foreign students

Walking then Dead by Window

The place near Oxford st and Regent st, Hanover St, in London where a girl in 20s walking on the street was crushed to dead by a falling window frame at the dawn of Paralympics 2012


Taipei Olympics flag

Replaced the Taiwan flag, which caused huge controversies


Biking from Beijing to London

this elderly cycler seems to have biked to London Chinatown from Beijing China


Sony Ping Pong Tournament

Top of the Ladder... probably won't stay there for long


Meizu Music Lyric System

Simply putting a Japanese MP3 song on the Meizu, the Japanese lyric is downloaded and available offline. All supported by the system music player. And the lyrics are of high quality and in sync