t-mobile Pay-as-you-go Plan

$2 a day, unlimited talk, text and 2GB web (2G)


£9 Shoes

From Sport Direct on Oxford St London


Asia Game Show 2011 App

iOS game for AGS 2011 in Hong Kong, featuring the Twins


Monster Hunter Egg iOS game

Worst monster hunter game ever played...

Sainsbury's iPhone App

Can't use it as Nectar card yet as there's no barcode function. While competitor Tesco has such function already

£49.99 Microwave Oven

Russell Hobbs digital microwave at Boxing day Christmas Sainsbury's sales today


Monster Hunter 3G (Tri G) Free Demo

Came with the new firmware upgrade on 3DS today is Monster Hunter 3G and 3D video recording


My First Sunday Roast Ever!

At Browns, Canary Wharf, London

Foursquare Checkin Free Gift

Maplin USB stick, free. First time at that maplin. Got this when the
shop was closing.


Bike Stolen

Someone's bike was stolen. Saw this notice downstairs of my building this morning.

Toro Station

Every Friday with the new twitter feature. Also coming to Vita. [via Famitsu]


Ni no kuni

Out now for 8800 yen in Japan

lastminute.com Pink Box Promotion

It was handed to me at the Oxford Circus tube station


Final Fantasy Type Zero

Final Fantasy Type Zero (ファイナルファンタジー零式) tops the game sales chart on all formats in Japan this week. Official launch price was ¥7,700, amazon.co.jp is having it at ¥7,150 now, see http://goo.gl/97MV6
UPDATE: ¥5,880 on 2011-12-07 at amazon.co.jp

Rituals Products

A Netherlands brand with Chinese branding. Available in Westfield in London. This bottle was borrowed from colleague for this photo.
This is "Rituals ...  Mei Dao  Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren   rich nourishing body cream"

London 4G Coverage Map

Google Galaxy Phone, with 4G,  is launching today in London, and this is the coverage map for London

£1 Light Bulb

Wow.  Bleach bulb


Mercedes-Benz Advert Featuring Hong Kong Streets

Mercedes-Benz advert on London newspaper front page today, featuring Hong Kong streets. I also saw the same advert on UK Youtube Yesterday. Must be the work of Thomas.


Selina Returned, and Married

Selina of S.H.E. returned from her fire injury and got married. Article from Apple Daily in Taiwan


Samsung Washing Machine

30% more energy efficient, it claims. An advert on a British Airway flight


1st Christmas Pudding Ever

From Sainsbury. Freeform Christmas Pudding


London 3D Google Map

Just realised area near my office and central London has been 3D'ed up in google map on android phones.


Google Health Dies

Google Health service will discontinue on Jan 1st, 2012. And I am downloading all my medical record from Google Health now.

My 1st Tablet Ever

Advent Vega 10 inch android 2.2. 130 british pound. Will flash to android honeycomb


Youku.com Android App

The first image showed the first page as I enter the Youku android app. The new thing I noticed was the apple tv style "send the video to big screen" feature and the kung fu panda banner. The kung fu panda was playable and come with 3 languages. In the embedded player, it has a PS3 style "click thumbnail to skip to specific time feature". The copyright blocks since Youku went public was also there on the android build. The streaming was surprisingly smooth. Tudou on the other hand often needs to buffer, but tudou offers "download video in the background" feature.


1st Cheese Fondue ever

at the Androuet Cheese Shop at Spitalfields Market, London
UPDATE: many comments were received for this post. I am copy and pasting the feedbacks here
  1. this place looks scary
  2. you are supposed to each the bread with the cheese, but not the meat
  3. they have no idea what they are doing
  4. but you having to stir it
  5. they mixed two meals that has nothing to do with each other into one
  6. this is a national dish, anyone can do it (in switzerland), and it's very easy to do
  7. summer will be too hot for the cheese, you do it quite often when it's cold
  8. red wine?! *wide eyes then both hands on his eyes*
  9. normally £140 for this?!
  10. "you eat the salty meat with the bread, not with cheese"
  11. you should leave it just before it bubble, and if it bubbles, it's too hot.
  12. hot cheese is at the bottom, that's why you need to stir
  13. don't eat leftover cheese, that's the best way to get food poisoning
  14. white wine, no red wine.
  15. stir and don't drink water
  16. a website teaching how to eat fondue http://eliadorcuisine.canalblog.com/archives/2010/ 02/24/17032259.html (translated) When you stir up your fondue on the bottom, made attention not put a too strong fire, which would make precipitate cheese and would make it dissociate. In the same way, you NEVER stop stirring up to the complete cast iron of cheese! Separation in two phases is the risk if you do not respect this council. Small Swiss trick: always turn in the same direction, your chances of success will be better
  17. * Do not be used as water with the fondue. To drink water with a met 100% cheese makes digestion much more difficult. Indeed, more there is water in your stomach, more acidity is weak. A low acidity will slow down the digestion of the cheese, which will thus have time to form a ball causing a long and not very pleasant digestion. Prefer fruit juices, or better, white wine, whose acidity will contribute to a faster digestion.
  18. " as they were lot of fault in yours: drinking water, having red wine, no gruyere, and the list go on... Next time we shall try a fondue neuchateloise with some proper kirsch! Or we can do a raclette :)"
  19. On sainsbury £3.25 Swiss Fondue box: "You still need a caquelon and some Kirsch :) "


Thé Vert de Chine

The green tea of China, or Thé Vert de Chine, made in France. Purchased in Mulhouse, France Sep 2011


Hello Detangle

Never even heard of this until today. Looks like I gonna need this for my long hair for the foreseeable future


Monster Hunter 3rd HD

Out and top the chart in Japan

Vudu $5.99 Credit to try for free

No contract, no monthly fee. $5.99 to try out. Vudu has deals like 99 cents rental and $2 for 2 nights deal.




UK Riots

Riots broke out in London, Birmingham and other cities since last weekend. Pictured is the Sony warehouse in Enfield, UK


New Spiderman

Seems like the old Marvel hero Spiderman died in June 2011