Super camper van near Bank Station in London

Familiar Face in L.A. Noire

Detective Parkman from Heroes the drama appears in L.A. Noire the game

E3 NGP Predictions from Famitsu



Lady Gaga in Farmville

Lady Gaga's Born This Way has Farmville advert.
So far I have seen the newspaper advert as well.


Pink Car London

Near central London today. Boris Bike on the left


100 Mii's in my 3DS Plaza

And completed the 2 mini games 2 weeks ago



Danish Chocolate

Recommended by a Danish staff at the Copenhagen airport.
The story. I was just back from Malmö, Sweden to Copenhagen airport in Denmark.
Bill: I want a Swedish... ar... Danish chocolate *looking at the chocolate box in front of me that looks like Belgium chocolate*
Staff: *Smile*
Bill: I want those with the funny "O" on the box (referring to the Ø letter in Danish), and not the funny O with 2 dots (referring to the Ö letter in Swedish). What about that one? *point*
Staff:  *smile+nob* Yes. It has a funny O. Except it's Norwegian. Here, this one is good.
Bill: Is it Danish? *looking at the chocolate box above*
Staff: It's Danish and it's good.
Bill: But there's no funny O on the box.
Staff: It's good. *smile*
Bill: But...
Staff: It's good.


HSBC Secure Key

Now accessing HSBC bank online needs a secure key like this.



English Country Farm in Farmville

First day at the English country-side farm in farmville. It's basically a new farm, while your old (American?) farm is paused until you return. (irony here 6_6)
On the first day here, I got some royal wedding gift of some sort from farmville. The real royal wedding was on April 29th, 2011, and the world watched it live.