Google Nest - smart home device

First time hands-on with a Google Nest at Bic Camera. It's selling for 14,000 yen


VTuber Oda Nobuhime

First time supporting a VTuber: Oda Nobuhime (織田信姫), 490 yen a month.


First phone with display fingerprint lock for Japan market: Oppo R17

Just tried the first display-fingerprint-unlock phone fpr Japan market: Oppo R17 selling at 36100 yen.
Only the bottom bit with fingerprint icon can unlock the phone. Feels responsive, I can get used to that. No more weirdly placed fingerprint sensor.


Oculus Quest Launch in Japan

Officially launched in Japan.
Mine is still stuck at Amazon.co.jp....


End of Heisei era: Google.com

Google.com, today.
Less than one hour till the end of 30+ years of Heisei era.
(I wonder if that page peels off once count down is over)


VR kit for Nintendo Labo

VR kit for Nintendo Labo comes out today.
VR Zelda Time!


Oculus Quest at GDC 2019

Waited 2.5 hours to try the #OculusQuest demo at #GDC19. I was dehydrated.


Old Hololens 1 pic when Hololens 2 was announced

Microsoft's Hololens 2 was just announced a week ago, and here is a picture of me wearing the original Hololens on 2017-01-19, which is the very beginning of commercial purchase of Hololens 1. Hopefully the launch of Hololens 2 is faster and smoother.

Magic leap hands-on at GDC 2019

First time trying MagicLeap and comparing it with my Snapchat Spectacles at GDC 2019