Christmas Eve at my local Supermarket

Sainsbury 2010-12-24


Rasa Sayang Express Newly Open in London

At Oxford Street, London today. Rasa Sayang Express had an opening party and wasn't serving people during lunch today.


Snowman outside window

Snowman + rake + pot on top. 2010-12-20


Sky DSL Speed Again

After calling Sky to complain about the speed of 402ms ping, 1.74Mbps down, 0.26Mbps Up.
This is my new DSL broadband speed:
89ms ping, 7.37Mbps down, 0.54Mbps up.



Free Famitsu iPhone App

Screenshot from the free Famitsu iPhone App. The content is the same
as the 7.60 pound paper Famitsu I bought (with omission).
Note, the original Famitsu is only 390 yen. Much much cheaper.

Sky DSL at home

Just got DSL installed. Is this what I have to live with for the next
year?! D=
402ms ping, 1.74Mbps down, 0.26Mbps Up.

Sony Christmas Turkey Lunch 2010

With Daniel Jeffery and Harry French at 10 GMS Canteen


Samsung Galaxy S

Since the launch of the original iPhone 2G, to iPhone 3GS, it has been
3 years already. I was the original iPhone fanboy. Farewell Apple.
Hello Android!

Update: I managed to crash the phone on the 2nd day with Android Market,
and on the 4th day with Pocket Legend (a 3D World of Warcraft wanna-be)

Famitsu iPhone App

Require Apple Japan store account.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on Famitsu

The latest issue of Famitsu is more expensive, 7.60 pound instead of
7.20 pound, because of the amazing 2 million first week sales of
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The magazine has many pages of MonHun 3
this week.

JP-Books Import

Didn't know JP-Books at Mitsukoshi offers no charge to import Japanese
book. Maybe will use this to import some Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Capcom books. Last time I used address forwarding from Japan and was
quite expensive.


Langue De Chat Biscuit

東京白いお台場 Japanese: Tokyo White Odaiba
ホワイトチョコラングドシャ Japanese: White Chocolate Langue De Chat
Langue De Chat Odaiba French: Tongue of Cat Odaiba

Meanings of GK

A game contest has a question about what Fanboys are called in Japan slang.
My Japanese friends didn't even know this.
It turns out, GK, is 2ch.net slang for Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) employee, according to Yahoo Japan's search result #1.
If you scroll down, it says GK is also Gatekeeper (ゲートキーパー), =fanboys in 2ch.net slang.


Youku.com is not servicing me in UK

Uploading a video from London now give me a message saying:
"Sorry, but this video is currently available to be streamed within China only."
And this is AFTER the 3.3 billion USD Youku.com stock IPO


Signed up for iammoving.com more than 2 weeks ago before moving to my new flat. Got a phone call today and they helped me switch from the British Gas Prepared Meter to E-on, and claim a 7% cheaper rate, and the money goes to my Tesco Club Card.
Pretty satisfied so far.
They signed me up for E-ON electricity for prepaid metre, claiming 7% saving, switching from British Gas. E-ON offers 9.54 pence per kwh + £133.64 every year standing charge + 5% VAT (Value Added Tax). Compared to my British Gas bill of 12-15 pence per kwh + VAT, and with my 1500kwh+ usage every-3-month, I agree it's (a bit) cheaper.

Home made Mince Pie from Garvin

From Garvin Haslett at office


Why block my Internet Tethering?

My iPhone is one of those unlocked ones officially from Hong Kong. All
iPhone from Hong Kong are unlocked. Somehow I have restricted access
for Internet Tethering, and get pointed to this O2 page for 7.5 pound
bot on. But I am with Tesco Mobile! iPhone still can't recognize Tesco
Mobile SIM, and I should not be restricted for Internet Tethering. I
need Internet now because I won't get DSL until next week. Come on, on
Nokia phone, anyone can tether easily, I just did that yesterday! Hmm... Maybe it's about time to convert to Android.

360 Anitivirus

360 Antivirus from 360.cn was way better than AVG or Avira Antivir according to my experience.
The antivirus software does not occupy much PC resources, can be easily turned off for gaming mode, and has native dual CPU support.
Even the downloader uses peer-to-peer.


Bootup Screen of Mac Mini

It actually says Regents of the University of California at boot


Days with Mobile Broadband

No Flash or Images to save bandwidth.
With T-mobile "unlimited" mobile broadband, you have 1GB fair use limit, if you go over, you will not be able to download files or videos between 4pm-11:59pm. No extra charge.
T-mobile mobile broadband is the, so-call, best mobile data network in UK.

Update: 2GB of data was used up in 3 weeks, by 3 people with laptops (excluding me).


Billmac is Back!

Just got my mac mini, Billmac back from Apple repair. The Apple Genius bar appointment at Regent St made me waited 40 min, even I had an appointment. They told me the repair would take 4 weeks, but it's back in 2 days. I was using Billmac for video editing and music composing. Will use Billmac as a router for t-mobile mobile broadband and also use it as an autobuild server.

Update: Billmac is back to Apple Repair straight away.
All I did was installing the t-mobile mobile broadband software from the official disc. It was booting and all before install, and simply installing one official software can cause it not to boot. Orz.

Update: Billmac was fixed very quickly
So I sent Billmac back to Apple Repair on 2010-12-08, and I just got a phone call today 2010-12-15 from an Apple Engineer. He found out, correctly, that the problem was caused by the t-mobile software. He also found out it's the official t-mobile software disk replacing the crucial libcurl file named libcurl4 (library file for URL related work, used everywhere) of the OS X 10.6 was replaced by the official t-mobile CD. He managed to revert this and make Billmac works again.
He also told me I can pick up Billmac from Regent Street, London today. Wow, one week repair was impressive, especially it's right before Christmas.
Still, a network library caused a mac not to boot is just bad.
One "Like" for Apple today. =]

Billmac was born late 2009, and joined my family in May 2010.

Google Hotpot

Trying this new feature out.


Council Tax Valuation Band

Somehow my new flat is valuated as Band C, whatever that means.

Linux books

Two cool books about Linux kernel 2.4. Included history of Linus's Unix(Linux), GNU's Not Unix(Recursive Acronym), and Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD).

Coors Light

First time to have this type of beer called Coors Light. It's pretty sweet. I don't mind drinking this. So my list of beer has Foster and Coors Light now.