YY.com, the Chinese twitch.tv

YY.com is making waves in the stock market recently. Looks to be a growing twitch-like service.


Lenovo buys more of IBM

Buying the PC part was not enough, lenovo is getting the servers too. This is thr company Michael Dell said wouldn't succeed. Dell was #1 and lenovo was #3 at that time. Now lenovo is #1 and Dell is #3. Much changed in these 9 years.
With Michael Dell making Dell private again, it will be interesting to see the next chapter of the sage. (pic via City A.M.)

iPod vs iPod Touch

Flash back. The last iPod before iPod touch.

David Beckham's Chinese Tattoo

David Beckham showed us how Chinese tattoo should be done.
Showing off his 
                            生死乃命 富貴由天
tattoo, at Beijing University in 2013


PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset

I used to hate in-ear headsets. They were uncomfortable. But this PlayStation Vita In-Ear headset comes with different size rubbers. It was actually great.


HMV Closing 80% Off

80% off on yellow sticker items. Got this Vita headphone for £2 (was £17.99)