niconico douga Q

New niconico douga pages and player. Now with English interface and 16:9 broadcast support. You can search for other video and put videos in queue while you are watching one video. The scrolling comment feature and twitter/facebook sharing feature remained.
The bottom of the page showed language support for Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and English. Support countries: Japan, United States, and Taiwan


New Google Chromebook Hands-on

11.5-inch, £229, 1,1kg, 6.5 hours battery. Chrome version 23. Samsung made. There is one more expensive one made by Acer too, but not recommended by the Google staff in the Google shop (which is within PC Word Tottenham Court Road London)

Windows 8 Hands-on

no surface tablet yet. Tried the desktop


kobo mini £59.99

5-inch, 2 week battery life. kobo glo £99.99. kobo arc coming November 15



360 Chrome Browser vs Google Chrome Browser

The Chinese 360.cn Chrome Browser (version non-beta version) has the higher HTML5 score of 469 (+13 bonus) against the score for the latest Google Chrome (version 22.0.1229.79m not-dev and not beta version) at 437  (+13 bonus).
The 360 chrome browser branched off from the Chromium version 20 branch, and uses the same code base as google chrome


Samsung Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note 2 is just out. Carphone warehouse is still doing Galaxy Note for £499.95 (down from £549.95), while Three.co.uk started selling SIM free Galaxy Note 2 for £499.99.
PS: John Lewis is still selling this for £499.95+VAT. This phone coloured black was first launched in London at Carphone Warehouse on Nov 17th 2011, together with Google Galaxy Nexus. Then the white version launched at John Lewis on Jan 23rd, 2012. 2 weeks after I lost my Galaxy S1. Initially with android 2.3 ginerbread, and Samsung later released android 4.0 ice cream sandwich update. Bought this phone today.