New Samsung LCD TV

19 inch 137.88 pound. Freeview TV and 720p HD Ready HDMI monitor. Made in Hungary, as the box said

Xperia Play is Here

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play launch today.
Launch event video: http://youtu.be/CmEvo3Zxzq4
I ended up on TV because I won a ticket to the VIP event that very night.

The YouTube Create page

Just saw a link today at YouTube which linked to this new create page. I guess this is a new offering after the CaptionTube?


Hay Fever

Same pill, Cetirizine Hydrochloride. Different brand.

Amazon Cloud Drive

5GB free for streaming your music. From Amazon


Famitsu this week, Earthquake

there's still some aftershock yesterday


Street Fighter 4 3DS hands-on

very different from PS3. Couldn't easily get my usual moves out

iPad 2 will launch today

the queue at London Apple Store at lunch, 5pm launch

3DS Launched Today

near office at lunch. HMV at Oxford Streeet, London was where Nintendo 3DS was launched in London. I was there with my Japanese 3DS trying to pick up some Mii's. There were no Mii's whatsoever in London before this day. I got my 3DS from Hong Kong 1 day ahead of the Japan launch. See http://billhung.blogspot.com/2011/03/nintendo-3ds.html

New Google Docs

Look good.
The official blog about this


Tiny Fanless Motherboard

From ASUS with nVidia ION. Fanless heatsink. 512MB video memory. HDMI. Works with a 300 watt mini-ITX power supply. Dual SATA


e.on Energy Saving Pack

Free from e.on to measure electricity consumption at home. The battery for the transmitter unit was designed to last 7 years, according to e.on.

Made in Japan/China

I read the book made in Japan by the Sony founder a while ago. And recently I found this book made in China by Pun Ngai. Originated from Hong Kong, Pun was a Ph. D student of University of London. Pun went to Shenzhen, China to be a factory girl in order to experience the life of factory workers in China first hand.


London Olympic Ticketing Starts

05 August 2012 Sunday 13:00-16:00 Badminton Wembley Arena Tickets:2 £90.00
27 July 2012 Friday 19:30-22:30 Opening Ceremony Olympic Stadium Tickets:2 £40.24
12 August 2012 Sunday 19:30-22:30 Closing Ceremony Olympic Stadium Tickets:2 £40.24
Total maximum cost: £170.48
Update 2011-04-26: The ticket sale will end today at 11:59pm


Biggest Earthquake Hit Sendai, Japan

Sendai, the city I lived in. D=. Aobaku, where my University is, Tohoku Dai.
1000+ death already. Including 200+ body found, drown to death, by Miyagi police.
Update 2011-03-12: Sendai Death 500, counting. Total death toll 1k+.
10k+ people isolated at the moment, limited water, limited wireless connection, limited electricity
News TV stream http://www.ustream.tv/channel/jishinsokuhou
Update 2011-03-14: Death toll 1.5k+, counting. Have been a series of aftershocks over the weekend
Update 2011-03-18 1886 people dead (the breakdown today: Miyagi 785 dead, Fukushima 431 dead)
Update 2011-03-18 Japan updates the scheduled electricity outage map and timetable http://setsuden.yahoo.co.jp/
Update 2011-03-19 Death toll 7,300. And it was 6k+ earlier.
Update 2011-03-22 Death, 9080. 13,561 people still missing.
Update 2011-03-27 Death 10k. 17,541 missing.
Update 2011-04-02 Death 11.8k, 15k missing
Update 2011-04-11 Death 13.1k, 14.4k missing
Update 2011-04-17 Death 13.8k, 14.1k missing
Update 2011-04-27 Death 14.4k, 11.6k missing
Update 2012-03-11. 1 year after the big magnitude 9 quake and tsunami. 15,850 deaths, 6,011 injured, 3,287 people missing


Google Map 3D and Latitude Checkin

Google Map 5.2.1 is just out. Here's a screens of Cardiff Castle, UK. One of the few places with 3D. The 3D looks better than on iPhone. And Google Latitude Checkin allows auto-check-in


Nintendo 3DS

My first DS, having fun

Update: it was fun! Lots of laughs from me, my gf, and her mom. all the AR card and shooting-faces-in-the-air games. 3D looked nice. And will take loads of 3d pictures at my gf's univ. One problem though. it only comes with a 100V charger
Update 2: Cost me around 330 pound. 270 for the unit, 15 for shipping, and 45 for custom. Ship from Golden in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong (ironically, 10 min walk from my folk's place in Hong Kong).
Update 3: The Japan launch was Feb 26th, 2011 and European launch will be March 25th. And Hong Kong managed to get a hands-on on Feb 25th, ahead of the Japan launch. It was selling for HK$3099 at that time with Ridge Racer being the most expensive game.
Update 4: Professor Layton is the best selling launch game.And out of the games I bought, one DSi-only game "My Cooking Coach" does not boot due to region lock. Others were okay. Getting "Street Fighter" the end of March 2011. There's an AR card function to show 3D models from the AR Cards, think figurines.

World's Top 3 Fastest Internet

According to SpeedTest.Net, Hong Kong has surpassed Japan as the world's 2nd fastest internet on both Upload and Download Speed.


Xperia Play on Famitsu

Above the title were the words PSPケータイこと or About PSP Phone