Biggest Earthquake Hit Sendai, Japan

Sendai, the city I lived in. D=. Aobaku, where my University is, Tohoku Dai.
1000+ death already. Including 200+ body found, drown to death, by Miyagi police.
Update 2011-03-12: Sendai Death 500, counting. Total death toll 1k+.
10k+ people isolated at the moment, limited water, limited wireless connection, limited electricity
News TV stream http://www.ustream.tv/channel/jishinsokuhou
Update 2011-03-14: Death toll 1.5k+, counting. Have been a series of aftershocks over the weekend
Update 2011-03-18 1886 people dead (the breakdown today: Miyagi 785 dead, Fukushima 431 dead)
Update 2011-03-18 Japan updates the scheduled electricity outage map and timetable http://setsuden.yahoo.co.jp/
Update 2011-03-19 Death toll 7,300. And it was 6k+ earlier.
Update 2011-03-22 Death, 9080. 13,561 people still missing.
Update 2011-03-27 Death 10k. 17,541 missing.
Update 2011-04-02 Death 11.8k, 15k missing
Update 2011-04-11 Death 13.1k, 14.4k missing
Update 2011-04-17 Death 13.8k, 14.1k missing
Update 2011-04-27 Death 14.4k, 11.6k missing
Update 2012-03-11. 1 year after the big magnitude 9 quake and tsunami. 15,850 deaths, 6,011 injured, 3,287 people missing

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