Nintendo 3DS

My first DS, having fun

Update: it was fun! Lots of laughs from me, my gf, and her mom. all the AR card and shooting-faces-in-the-air games. 3D looked nice. And will take loads of 3d pictures at my gf's univ. One problem though. it only comes with a 100V charger
Update 2: Cost me around 330 pound. 270 for the unit, 15 for shipping, and 45 for custom. Ship from Golden in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong (ironically, 10 min walk from my folk's place in Hong Kong).
Update 3: The Japan launch was Feb 26th, 2011 and European launch will be March 25th. And Hong Kong managed to get a hands-on on Feb 25th, ahead of the Japan launch. It was selling for HK$3099 at that time with Ridge Racer being the most expensive game.
Update 4: Professor Layton is the best selling launch game.And out of the games I bought, one DSi-only game "My Cooking Coach" does not boot due to region lock. Others were okay. Getting "Street Fighter" the end of March 2011. There's an AR card function to show 3D models from the AR Cards, think figurines.

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