Huge Burberry near work

New store


My First Sunday Roast Ever!

At Browns, Canary Wharf, London

Foursquare Checkin Free Gift

Maplin USB stick, free. First time at that maplin. Got this when the
shop was closing.


Bike Stolen

Someone's bike was stolen. Saw this notice downstairs of my building this morning.

Toro Station

Every Friday with the new twitter feature. Also coming to Vita. [via Famitsu]


Ni no kuni

Out now for 8800 yen in Japan

lastminute.com Pink Box Promotion

It was handed to me at the Oxford Circus tube station


Final Fantasy Type Zero

Final Fantasy Type Zero (ファイナルファンタジー零式) tops the game sales chart on all formats in Japan this week. Official launch price was ¥7,700, amazon.co.jp is having it at ¥7,150 now, see http://goo.gl/97MV6
UPDATE: ¥5,880 on 2011-12-07 at amazon.co.jp

Rituals Products

A Netherlands brand with Chinese branding. Available in Westfield in London. This bottle was borrowed from colleague for this photo.
This is "Rituals ...  Mei Dao  Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren   rich nourishing body cream"

London 4G Coverage Map

Google Galaxy Phone, with 4G,  is launching today in London, and this is the coverage map for London

£1 Light Bulb

Wow.  Bleach bulb


Mercedes-Benz Advert Featuring Hong Kong Streets

Mercedes-Benz advert on London newspaper front page today, featuring Hong Kong streets. I also saw the same advert on UK Youtube Yesterday. Must be the work of Thomas.


Selina Returned, and Married

Selina of S.H.E. returned from her fire injury and got married. Article from Apple Daily in Taiwan