London Fashion - Crazy Shirt

This gave me ideas of what to do with my shirt that are one size too small.
As seen in London Tube in July 2010


Free Godiva chocalate

From Godiva at Regent street. Handed to passerbys on my way to work
in Soho London



"Garanteed carbon offsetting" it said. =D


Veggie Pitta at Nandos

With drinks, 11.05 pounds

Hong Kong Love Tissue

HK=Hong Kong?
Spotted 2010-07-22 in London


Hawker London Style

As seen near Tottenham Court Road today

Ackee and Salt Fish

At Jerk City London today. 9 pound for the big dish, 14 pound total, good service. This is Carribean
food according to Yelp

London Ice-cream mini van

As seen near Tottenham Court Road, London today


Crazy Fashion Today

London fashion never ceased to surprise me. This girl has long pink
+white+blue hair!


Swiss Items in Farmville today

I don't know most of these swiss stuff listed. Will ask Seb tomorrow.


Crazy T-Shirt

This is from S01E01 of IT Crowd. Is crazy t-shirt part of UK culture?


Chinatown goodies

Chendol dessert (chendol+red bean) from Cheras Selangor. Coconut milk
+tapioca pearl. Pandan Mochi.

Storm Warrior in London

The Hong Kong movie Storm Warrior (Feng Yun, 风云, literally wind and
rain) is coming to London HMV July 12th 2010. As seen at Oxford Circus
tube in London today.


What I got for 75 cans of CocaCola

They send you a DVD of the 2006 world cup when you don't win the
ticket to South Africa

3 years old 9V battery

This was made in March 2007. And this is how this 9 volt battery looks
like in July 2010.


Street Graffiti Art

It says "MAKE TEA NOT WAR" at the lower right. I've seen a US version
before that says "make love not war" back in the States.

iTunes Festival London

There are more than a hundred people lining up at the Round House for
the iTunes Festival London

New PSN feature with Picasa and Facebook

Now you can link your Picasa account and PSN account together

Google.cn with New Way to Re-direct to Google.com.hk

I read a news at Japanese Engadget, about google.cn is not auto redirected to google.com.hk anymore. And people want to keep google research in China and all. Testing for myself, I headed to google.cn, and this is what I found (screenshot attached). Right-clicking or left-clicking the image will bring you to google.com.hk.
This will definitely be going down as an event in Internet history.


The 99 pence China Cup

There's a story to this.
"Do you sell kitchen bin?" Bill asked.
"No." Later she added, "we are a kitchen shop."
"But there's no kitchen bin."
"We sell china."
"China?" thinking about People's Republic of China.
"China." She points to all the china wares.
"I am from China, and I was like..." *bewildered face*
"Because chinas were once from China long time ago... and they are now
once again made in China."
*laughed* and *bought a china cup*

Irish Burger O'Neill's

Classic Irish burger with side salad, 7.28 pound at O'Neill's London