Kowloon in White Knight Chronicles

Seriously? Kowloon? Screenshot from White Knight Chronicles.

Boris London Mentors Army

Respect to Boris Johnson the London mayor


Measuring Cup

For regular water drinking =]


First Muslim Clothing in Woman Weightlifting

Kulsoom Abdullah, you go girl!

iPads to 1400 students

a 800k+ pound order. This reminded me there was a highschool in Kansas where I used to live gave a mac to every student. Now it's ipad and UK's turn. Longfield Academy in Dartford, Kent, huh? Good for you.


Baby Nike Shoes

Even babies wears Nike... and I wear Yonex...

Apple UK Apps Price Rise

Why UK only? And 25% Up???


Mini Android Phone

Pulse Mini Android Phone from t-mobile. Only 20 pound!
Excellent deal. £20 for the phone, £9.99 top-up. Pay as you go. This is including the 6 month internet!
The back of this phone is black, with the t-mobile logo in the middle. The PC software can be easily installed directly from the phone by connecting the phone to PC via a USB cable. Comes with 2GB micro SD memory card, 3.2 Megapixel camera (better than iPhone 3GS) with flash LED, FM radio with a loud speaker. Android 2.1. Directly from t-mobile.co.uk Shipped within days.


Timberlake buys MySpace

This is the first time I am excited about MySpace.  I know couple Chinese friends who are heavy users of MySpace