First Snow this Winter

It's a DLR (light rail) at the back

Love Hina Manga for Free

Just couple day after launch, J-comi already got 1.5 million download.
I owned the whole series of Love Hina Manga and Anime (currently still in the US). And I used to read this manga in Japanese. The manga was originally published from 1999-2002, and it's currently out-of-print.
The original author, Akamatsu Ken, decided to start his own website and offer the Love Hina series for free. I can see the PDF manga has some advertisement between the manga, but the manga is otherwise free.
I might just read the whole manga again.


My First Swiss Army Knife

From Victorinox, CyberTool 34, 47.90 pound

Apple Repair

My mac mini won't boot, it's forever stuck at the loading screen.
And I like this green check mark on Repair.


Ricola, original Swiss Herb Drop

My friend insisted to buy this natural swiss cough candy. I remember Ricola had a funny tv advert filmed in Hong Kong.

Light Bulbs

New place need that many light bulbs. You are seeing 7 light bulbs. I need at least 2 more.


New Place DSL Internet Speed

DSL line speed wasn't too bad. British Telecom, E1 0AQ London.

Samsung: Design that performs

I like how it says "Design that perfor,s/Un design performant" on the box


The Best Mobile Internet in London - T-mobile Broadband

My email to my new flatmates. Bought the 15 pound 30-day package for those 15 days without internet.
  We are switching from BT broadband to Sky broadband. BT Internet service will terminate on Nov 30th, and Sky broadband starts on Dec 16th (I couldn't get it any earlier, damn Sky).

  So from Dec 1st to Dec 15th, I have arranged "the best mobile broadband in London"! The 7Mbps T-mobile mobile broadband service. In other words, my Mac mini will be your router for 2 weeks (or 15 days).
  Notice the 30-day "unlimited" mobile broadband plan from t-mobile (15 pound) comes with fair use policy:
  And I quote, "The fair use policy amounts for pay per day are 500MB for one day, 1GB for one week and 2GB for one month. Watching videos and downloading files will use up your allowance really quickly. We won't charge you extra if you go over but we may restrict your use."
  So, I suggest we all turn off image loading for 2 weeks, no youtube, and just check emails or do light web browsing. Even if you load images, the images are compressed on the server side (so they don't look as good, will look like low quality JPEG).
And once we go over the fair use limit, this will happen:
"between 4pm and midnight you won't be able to do other heavy usage activities such as watching videos or downloading files. Before 4pm and after 12 midnight your Mobile Broadband service will continue to run as normal."
  The full term of the fair use policy is here:
  This page tells us what happen once we go over the fair use limit

Bill Hung


Microwave at Work

So you can cook Chinese by pressing #2.

QQ Weibo

QQ, from Tencent, has twitter function called weibo.
It's interesting how a lot of stuff were handled. There' s mobile client for S60 device as well, and of course, iPhone and android.
The most popular one now is liuxiang's tweets, he just won 3 gold at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. He's tweeting through his iPhone, which I assume is iPhone 4.

GT5 Finally Out

After 5 years, GT5 is suddenly and quietly out

Quickies Nail Varnish

I like the name of this

Koya Udon noodles

Near London Chinatown, Japanese Udon shop Koya. 8.50 pound for pork and miso udon.


Think London is Brilliant?

    I like how the top line says "Know the best dim sum in Chinatown?"
    Well, I guess that's the very meaning of living in London, lol.

Look, there's a 2X speed button on YouTube

Ah~ finally, a 2X speed button!
I was checking out Webm video on YouTube with HTML5 (Firefox 4 Beta 7). Notice the artifact behind the girl. This particular video was bad with webm encoding, the flash h.264 version was fine.
JPEG can't capture the artifact, but PNG can.
Update: Looks like the artifact was from my GPU driver...


London Olympics 2012

The ticket is on sale already

Moving Home

Invited my mates to "trash my place" on the last weekend at my camden flat. In the end, everyone ended up carrying trash out for me instead. Here's us posing with the garbage dump.


Ubuntu Server Speed

2.4MB/s, wow, looks like my broadband is fast enough to play OnLive (which needs 700kB/s according to here)



The idea of OpenID is so simple, yet the implementation can be so troublesome

Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark

Score 148. And I don't think I will be able to play Final Fantasy XIV with my laptop. It's AMD Turion X2 dual-core + nVidia GeForce 9100M G
The lowest resolution was 720p, and it was very slow rendering on my laptop. Feels like 10-15fps.

Update: my flatmate with his laptop of Intel Core 2 Duo + nVidia GeForce 9700M GT got a score of 1073.

HTML5 Score 217 Today

Score from html5test.com. With Firefox 4 Beta 7.


Energy Saving Application AutoShutdownManager

Testing this AutoShutdownManager now. This is a $10 shareware.
It has the energy saved info at the bottom of the application. I might be buying this.


Windows Live Spaces --> WordPress

Just got an email saying Windows Live Spaces will be read-only soon, and WordPress is gonna replace it.

Swiss Risotto

This is my first time to have Risotto, it's basically rice with (Italian?) cheese. For which Swiss Seb said he had no idea why this was named Swiss. According to the chef, it's one of the herb they used

Cigarette Box of Benson & Hedges

It has a paper camera (fake) in the box

Super Foggy London Morning

Getting warmer?


One of the best 3D video on YouTube I found

One of the best 3D video on YouTube I found. Done by the iz3d driver.

Cool Snow Dome Display

Something for my sister to see.


YouTube 3D Support

The old YouTube 3D Player supports my polarized Hyundai 22inch monitor W220. But the new 3D interface for the YouTube player doesn't.
The best 3D video I found was this one on street fighter

in reference to: Viewing 3D videos : Getting Started - YouTube Help (view on Google Sidewiki)


Free anime night at Japan embassy in London

The anime was The girl who leapt through time. The anime was a bit too deep for me...

Money God, or New Aroma Restaurant

The Chinese says Money God with a pound sign. The English is New Aroma. Restaurant of London Chinatown visited yesterday.

Windows Live Login

I can see Facebook Connect and Windows Live are both pushing for Open ID-like login service.
163.com is a popular Chinese portal.


Cloud Canvas

Kev, you can use this to draw your graph next time. This is available in Jolicloud OS as well.

Jolicloud, the Cloud OS



CaptionTube for Caption Editing from YouTube+Google

Youtube's annotation editing is much better than caption editing. Now YouTube and Google App have this new caption editing site. I am using this to put subtitles to my video (again) now.

iPhone 3GS HD Video Recording Comparison

Hmm... does look a lot better with HD...


iKnow Language Learning Tool

iKnow from smart.fm describe what's Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
Simplified Chinese is the written form of Chinese used in Mainland China, Singapore, and Malaysia.
Traditional Chinese is the written form of Chinese used in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and China before 1950 (the Culture Revolution).

Barbican Cosplay in London Nov 2010

Miyo and Rie as maids, lol

Cosplay and Musou Games at Barbican

I am here now. At Barbican, London

Facebook Status Update from SMS Text

Saw my friend's status update from text message. So I joined the bandwagon.

Kindle iPhone App Search and Dictionary Functions

Love these functions. With these functions on iPhone, I probably won't
buy a kindle device for now.

Sanzai.co.jp 散財 Money Logging Starts

I was inspired by a young millionaire who retired at 30 years old. She worked for 16 years of her life, and she had many notebooks detailing every single dollar she spent. "I want to know whether I have spent or saved each single dollar."
The idea was very interesting. I did some book keeping on my spending before, but I never could tell where every dollar had gone.
Yesterday, I saw my friend has a sanzai list on her blog, and I thought it would be nice to give it a try.
I can input my spending through browser, or simply sending an email with a few lines. Let's hope I can keep up the effort of logging m spendings.

Street Fighter II on iPhone for free

Goldman told me this and I found it hard to believe. Free street
fighter for iPhone. Hmm... Goldman never made stuff up, I have to
remember that.


The Gadget Show Broadband Campaign

Simply do a broadband speed test at the Gadget Show website to join the campaign.

The campaign is to gather enough data to stop Internet Service Providers (ISP) from lying to us about how fast the broadband speed really is.

Bill Hung's Sina Weibo page

Started a twitter-like weibo page on sina, because my friend Jansen Chow is micro-blogging there.
My sina weibo http://t.sina.com.cn/1869841552

t.sina.com.cn Twitter function

The twitter-function implemented on sina.com.cn supports pictures. twitter.com only recently starts to support pictures.
In addition, the geotag from iphone pictures got pulled out from the picture and can show the location on a chinese google map pop-up.

There's a "get the sofa" button at the bottom, which encourages people to comment on others who are micro-blogging at close physical locations.

London Roadwork Today

Some sort of road work near my place at Chalk Farm. It involves boiling some gas in this huge bucket of... cement?


Pink Mini Car in London

As seen at central London. Reminded me of the whole punk movement that someone was explaining to me


My First iPhone App Purchase since the launch of original iPhone - Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story, rated 5 stars by 1000+ people already. US$3.99
Update: Game Dev Story from Kairosoft was US$0.99 on 2011-02-11

MCM Expo Oct 2010 in London

This is the ComicCon or Comiket of UK. Happening twice a year in UK.
More scary cosplays because the expo was on the Halloween weekend