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My email to my new flatmates. Bought the 15 pound 30-day package for those 15 days without internet.
  We are switching from BT broadband to Sky broadband. BT Internet service will terminate on Nov 30th, and Sky broadband starts on Dec 16th (I couldn't get it any earlier, damn Sky).

  So from Dec 1st to Dec 15th, I have arranged "the best mobile broadband in London"! The 7Mbps T-mobile mobile broadband service. In other words, my Mac mini will be your router for 2 weeks (or 15 days).
  Notice the 30-day "unlimited" mobile broadband plan from t-mobile (15 pound) comes with fair use policy:
  And I quote, "The fair use policy amounts for pay per day are 500MB for one day, 1GB for one week and 2GB for one month. Watching videos and downloading files will use up your allowance really quickly. We won't charge you extra if you go over but we may restrict your use."
  So, I suggest we all turn off image loading for 2 weeks, no youtube, and just check emails or do light web browsing. Even if you load images, the images are compressed on the server side (so they don't look as good, will look like low quality JPEG).
And once we go over the fair use limit, this will happen:
"between 4pm and midnight you won't be able to do other heavy usage activities such as watching videos or downloading files. Before 4pm and after 12 midnight your Mobile Broadband service will continue to run as normal."
  The full term of the fair use policy is here:
  This page tells us what happen once we go over the fair use limit

Bill Hung

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