Kleenex Japanese Tissue

1st time to see this. Spotted in London, tissue from Japan


AKB48 Strawberry Pie

From official AKB48 Cafe & Shops in Japan. Thanks Miya!


Ouya Hands-on

in London 2013-01-24

China Review Console Ban

The dawn of a new era? @City A.M. newspaper

Yoda Advert

Yoda advertising Virgin Media with London Underground as backdrop in Metro newspaper today

Weibo Inner Circle and Location Game

Weibo introduced Inner Circle and this Spot-wrong-location-info-for-prize game



CES 2013

It's all about 4K this year. The text for the top left TV said '110-inch HiSense XT900 4K TV. Yes, you read correctly - this TV set is actually 110 inches, meaning you probably. Wouldn't even fit it inside most living rooms. And that's not where it ends - it was also one of the new generation of ultra-high definition "4K" sets that will set the standard for the crispness of resolution for the next few years.'
That was a new brand name for America, which tech blogs call HiSense a no-name brand in 2012


Twitter (Tweetro) on Windows 8

Tweetro, not available now. Apparently there were controversies of this app.



YouTube Speed Stats

6.42Mbps to YouTube, when the peek tested speed are 16.07Mbps/0.96Mbps (Up/Down).
YouTube said I am slow in London standard but fast in Sky DSL standard... =_="


TV Show: Made in Japan

A new TV show called Made in Japan starting January 26th, with 唐沢寿明(Toshiaki Karasawa)