Museum of London iPhone App - StreetMuseum

Pretty cool. This app comes with augmented reality view. You can point your camera to the location of the historical picture, and the picture will get overlaid on top of the video coming from camera.


MCM London Expo today

The London "Games, Manga, Movies" MCM Expo and Cosplay gathering. Very cool here with thousands of people. What happened there?
3 school girls came up to me and said, "Me and my friends think you are hot, can we hug you?"
"Oh." then I opened my arms and they screamed and squeezed me at the same time.
After that, I walked away and quickly checked my pocket to see if I lost anything. And everything's there.
Video of the expo will be up soon.
London, where geeks are cool. =D


Irish Pub Double Beef Burger

A bit under 10 pound at this Irish pub O'nell's at SOHO


Louis Vuitton London

Louis Vuitton coming to Bond Street London near my work place tomorrow

The iPad queue out of apple store London

The day before


Twitter Today

I guess Twitter is still using jQuery...

Isoyaki Duck Kidney

From Aji Ichiban. Duck kidney in a vacuum bag with no preservatives.
Even though the bag has a plastic プラ logo, I think this is actually a
Hong Kong company. It sure was made in China.


A Retired Bus as a Classroom

The bus was used as a drawing classrom with kids. The motor was used
to generate electricity. As seen near my place last Friday.

Samsung Qwerty Cell Phone

Cool layout


Primrose Hill London

Everyone seems to be out to soak up the sun right now.


Cancer Research UK Fundraiser Booth

In Regent's Park London

Sunshine in London

The rare couple days of sunshine in London, everyone is out to enjoy
the sun

Mr Humbug Sweets

First time buying Mr Humbug chocolate, one pound something for 100 gram

Italian Pizza

at a restaurant near Euston, forgot the name. 8 pound something per
Italian pizza


Okonomiyaki at Abeno

8.50 pound stardard size, 10 pound something for larger size

The NatWest Security Device

Unlike the iB device in Singapore or the U盾 in China, this
security device from NatWest Bank takes your ATM debit card.


ス-プの素 Soup Stock from Japan

ウェイ バァー
用起来好用 吃起来好吃



Cool City Guardian in London

This particular city guardian has the Chinese words of city guardian
at his back. These Chinese words are not on the back of the city
guardian in front of him.


Hot Pot London

The little lamb 小尾羊 in London Chinatown has this type of hot
pot with spicy+non-spicy soups. Tons of meat and some very Chinese
sauces. 105 pound for 3 people.


Guinness World Record for Nails

Most Nails filed and varnished in 8 hours Guinness World Record
happening today, and I was there to help.

Construction Work in Central London

Preparing for Olympics 2012


Rainbow at 8pm

Rainy and chilly 8pm rainbow in London


Gucci London

Opening April 2010. From a poster on a phone booth near my work place.

Wong Kei's today

It's nice to be back and have lunch at Wong Kei's at London's
Chinatown again. The food is still £5


My Room with a View and Rilakkuma


UK Election Results

20 from 326.

How to type the British pound sign on a US keyboard

So Alt+0163 is the way to type pound sign.
163 used to just mean Netease to me (163.com), which is a popular Chinese portal.

UK Hairdryer

£7.99, 1600 Watt hairdryer from Boots (Nottingham NG2) in London. 2 years warranty. Made in China.


UK Corded Phone from Argos

£4.49  landline phone from Argos UK (Milton Keynes MK9) Made in China.


Royal Dragon Karaoke

Visited the Royal Dragon restaurant for karaoke for the first time. This seems to be a popular place in central London. The karaoke box has a Chinese system with songs that are quite old. They even have a whole set of Liar's Dice 大話骰. Somehow I couldn't find a way to search by phonetics for Chinese or Japanese songs. 15 people with lots of Singapore Tiger beers cost 27 pounds per head. There was a button called "Malay Songs". I clicked the button, and there were no Malay songs.

Hung Parliament

BBC news on TV about the new Hung UK Parliament

UK Wakes up to Hung Parliament

So it's officially a Hung Parliament. =D -B. Hung


Vote for the UK Government

It's election day today. Vote between 7am and 10pm!


London Heathrow Express Wifi Speed Test

Wifi on London Heathrow Express was provided by T-mobile. The Wifi
speed is not even as fast as a decent 3G speed Orz.


Hong Kong McDonald's Wifi Speed Test

1457kbps Down, 475kbps Up, 75ms Ping.
Hong Kong McDonald's uses "Y5ZONE", with the first 20 minutes free.
The connection was pretty good.