PlayStation Developer Seminar 2011 Taiwan



Samsung Washing Machine

30% more energy efficient, it claims. An advert on a British Airway flight


1st Christmas Pudding Ever

From Sainsbury. Freeform Christmas Pudding


London 3D Google Map

Just realised area near my office and central London has been 3D'ed up in google map on android phones.


Google Health Dies

Google Health service will discontinue on Jan 1st, 2012. And I am downloading all my medical record from Google Health now.

My 1st Tablet Ever

Advent Vega 10 inch android 2.2. 130 british pound. Will flash to android honeycomb


Youku.com Android App

The first image showed the first page as I enter the Youku android app. The new thing I noticed was the apple tv style "send the video to big screen" feature and the kung fu panda banner. The kung fu panda was playable and come with 3 languages. In the embedded player, it has a PS3 style "click thumbnail to skip to specific time feature". The copyright blocks since Youku went public was also there on the android build. The streaming was surprisingly smooth. Tudou on the other hand often needs to buffer, but tudou offers "download video in the background" feature.